Media and Social Media


Social Media has become the newest advancement in the sharing of information. Transforming the way people have shared information is nothing new. The telegraph was one of the first things that allowed people to share information over long distances quickly. Then it was the telephone, followed by television, and finally the Internet. Each one of these increased the pace and scope of the information available to people across the country and then around the world. Social Media is just the latest thing that people use to connect with one another.

Twitter has become one of people’s favorite Social Medium. It allows people to instantly connect to thousands and even millions of people in an instant. While at times Twitter has become a mouthpiece for unneeded and unwanted emotional vomits, there are those people who use Twitter as an effective platform.

When assigned to follow a member of the media, I found my way to Anderson Cooper’s Twitter page. I can’t say I know much about Anderson other than what I’ve read in a couple of excerpts from books he’s written. As I began to monitor Anderson’s Twitter, I found that I appreciated the way that he uses Social Media.

Mr. Cooper, (instert your favorite Hanging With Mr. Cooper reference here) unlike many other people, uses Twitter as a platform for reaching his audience. The thing that I appreciate about his use is that he does it in a professional matter. Other then a few veiled jabs at Alec Baldwin’s use of language offensive to the gay community, Anderson’s Tweets plug stories, appearances, and solicits information from his viewers. His page isn’t filled with random personal thoughts or poor attempts at humor. Instead, Anderson promotes things in a positive way, allowing his followers to interact on their own time, instead of his.

In my own opinion, much of Social Media has degraded the way we communicate as a society. People have become more comfortable with sending an email, Tweet, or Facebook post in favor of actually speaking to or meeting with someone. Personal relationships are forged over the Internet in favor of a handshake. Monitoring Anderson Cooper’s Twitter page has allowed me to believe that Social Media does have a positive place in the Media. When used appropriately, Social Media can be a gateway to relevant information able to affect society in a positive way.


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