The End of Tim Tebow’s NFL Career?



Tim Tebow’s NFL career has been a roller coaster since the day his name was called on draft night in 2010.  Tebow’s college career was successful and decorated, but the question of where Tim Tebow would be selected baffled experts and NFL scouts alike. He was a left-handed quarterback with a long, slow release. He had average arm strength and lacked accuracy. Most of Tebow’s college success came in the form of rushing touchdowns. A rare combination of size, strength and speed for a quarterback, Tebow ran over college competition year after year in the SEC. The question of where Tim Tebow would be drafted was answered late in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft. New Denver Broncos Head Coach  Josh McDaniels convinced Denver management that it was worth trading back into the first round to select the quarterback from Florida.


Tebow sat behind Kyle Orton in his first season, playing sparingly. In his second season, Tebow took over for Orton after a 1-4 start. He would lead the Broncos to the playoffs and defeat the Steelers in his first postseason start. Things were certainly looking up for the young quarterback, but in the 2012 off season, Peyton Manning decided to sign with the Broncos, ultimately ending Tebow’s time in Denver. The first-round pick was traded to the Jets to be Mark Sanchez’s back-up for just a seventh-round pick. Even though Sanchez would struggle, Tebow spent most of the season on the bench or as a personal protector on the punt team. After another up-and-down season and a Geno Smith draft pick later, Tebow was released by the Jets.

Many wonder if this is the end of Tebow’s NFL career. A quarterback who lacks quarterback ability to lead a franchise.

The good news for Tebow is that someone in the NFL will give him a job. Tebow may not be a good quarterback, but he is a good football player. Not that Tebow needs a second chance, but the NFL is a league of second chances. Adam “Pacman” Jones is still in the NFL. Brandon Marshall is still in the NFL. Everyone on the Detroit Lions is still in the NFL. Yes, these players are also talented, but Tim is a good football player too. Notice the emphasis on football player, not quarterback.

I don’t like Tim Tebow. I want to, but I don’t. I like what he stands for and the man he professes to be. The one thing that I can’t get over, odd as it may seem, is the way he talks. Every time he steps to the podium to speak it’s like he’s reading out of a quote book.  Tebow is a polarizing figure, but he has a quality that many players lack; leadership. Leadership, true leadership, is a rare commodity in today’s NFL. There are plenty of guys who fans believe are leaders, but are clubhouse cancers. Finding good locker room guys is just as important as finding an All-Pro. Finding someone who is willing to put in maximum effort to prepare for a week’s game knowing that they won’t play is difficult. This is why Tebow will be on an NFL roster next fall. General Managers believe in these sort of things. Just ask Mark Brunell.

All of this depends on whether or not Tebow will finally except his fate; he’s not an NFL quarterback. He could be a tight end, fullback or H-back. Tebow is too good of a football player to be relegated to speaking engagements at this point in time. His willingness to change positions will ultimately decide the final chapter in his NFL story. If he is finally willing to make the change, don’t be surprised if he’s the starting fullback for some team on opening day this season.


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