A Tradition Unlike Any Other

It is 7,435 yards of finely cut fairways, pristine greens and beautiful sand and water features. It is home to Amen Corner, Ike’s Pond and the Eisenhower Tree. Nestled away in Georgia is Augusta National Golf Club, home of The Masters. Founded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts on former indigo plantation, the course opened for play in 1933 and since 1934 has been home to The Masters. It is one of four major championships in golf and the only major that is played at the same site every year.

For those who enjoy golf, it is hard to find an event that is as enjoyable to watch as The Masters. It’s the first major of the year and it’s a course that has become so recognizable. It has provided hundreds of memorable moments including Tiger Wood’s chip in on the 16th in 2005, Phil Mickelson’s shot on the 13th from the pine needles in 2010, Jack Nicklaus’ 40 foot putt in 1975 and Bubba Watson hitting a massive hook from the trees during a playoff last year. The list is long and will continue to grow as those golfers invited peruse the famed green jacket.

Has a green jacket ever been so desirable? Contrary to belief, all 300 members of Augusta National receive a green blazer with the club’s logo on the left breast. The idea for the green jacket came from Cliff Roberts and it wasn’t until Sam Snead’s victory in 1949 that winners of the Masters received their own. Here is one more instance where the Masters is indeed “A Tradition Unlike Any Other,” the winner must return the jacket to the club house after one year . In most instances, the jacket is only removed from the club’s grounds by a first-time champion. If a person has won it multiple times, then they are awarded their same jacket.

The presentation of the green jacket is a unique event as well. The former winner presents the jacket to the current-year’s winner during a ceremony held on the 18th green. Can you imagine if Dirk Nowitzki had to present the NBA trophy to LeBron James and the Miami Heat last year? What if there had been a rematch? Can you imagine how Dirk would feel? That is what happens at The Masters, because more often than not, the previous year’s winner is part of the weekend festivities at Augusta. But in true golf fashion, the jacket is presented graciously because all professional golfers know how special it is to win a major.

It comes in early April, four days of spectacular golf on one of the most-famous courses in the world. It’s over before you know it. The green jacket and yellow flags are tucked away for a whole year. So whether you’re a fan of golf or not, The Masters is must-see TV for four days.


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