Everyday I’m Dufnering


First it was ‘planking’, then ‘Tebowing’, now ‘Dufnering’. Rarely does a golfer make the Twitter world go crazy unless it involves Tiger Woods love life, but the quiet Jason Dufner has started a trend. Dufner was sitting in a classroom full of children for a charity event when a photographer caught the golfer in an awkward moment. While Dufner is known for being a stoic and quite individual, this moment captured the golfer perfectly.

“Just caught me at a perfect time,” Dufner said Friday from Auburn, Ala. “The funny thing about it is the photo taken represents how I act all the time. It was a sheer moment of ‘Jason Dufner’ by whoever captured the moment for the 30 seconds I checked out.”

Sports anchor David Watkins put it on Twitter and fellow golfer Keegan Bradley saw the photo. Bradley enjoyed the photo so much that he then tweeted it out. From there, it took off. Bradley awoke to thousands of twitter responses from those enjoying the photo including many fellow professional golfers.

Bubba Watson, Luke Donald, Ricky Folwer, Dustin Johnson and Brandt Snedeker were just a few who took photos ‘Dufnering’ and posted them  to Twitter. But no one seems to be enjoying as much as Bradley and Rory McIlroy.

Keegan Bradley, Dustin Johnson, Brandt Snedeker

Bubba Watson

Ricky Fowler


“Every time I looked at it, I laughed harder than the first time,” Bradley said from the Houston Open. “Dufner is so funny with some of the things he does. That’s him.”

McIlroy said that he and Bradley have even discussed ‘Dufnering’ at the upcoming Masters.

While the new trend is providing laughs, what is truly refreshing is that the average golf fan gets a chance to see some of the personalities of professional golfers. Golf is a game that teaches those participating to harness ones emotions. It’s a gentleman’s game. Outside of a winning putt, the 16th hole at the Phoenix Open and the Ryder Cup, outsiders rarely get to see professional golfers having fun. Even in a game with as many highs and lows that golf provides, those on tour respect the etiquette of the game and keep the emotions in tact.

This small photo has given fans an opportunity to interact with the weekend warriors if only through social media. It gives a human presences to what sometimes can seem like robots. While ‘Dufnering’ is sure to fade just as ‘Tebowing’ has, one can hope that the golfing fraternity continues to show more personality. You probably won’t see Tiger Woods ‘Dufnering’ anytime soon, but one can hope.




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