Its often hard to define someone as the greatest at what they do. Even someone like Michael Jordan, who many acknowledge as being the best basketball player of all time, find arguments against why they should take their place at the head of the table. There’s also the self-proclaimed greatest of all time. Muhammad Ali and Floyd Maywheater call themselves as such. Very rarely though do you find someone who’s accomplishments in a sport leave little argument against them.

Sports Illustrated recently released their Football’s Greatest Book.  Among the categories they rank are Top Ten Coaches, Plays, Franchises, Stadiums and all positions. An argument can be made for many of the categories as to who or what is the best. One can not. Sitting at number one on the Best Receivers List is Jerry Rice.

To many, Jerry Rice is not only the greatest receiver of all time, but the greatest football player to ever play the game.

When comparing Jerry Rice to his counterparts, he dwarfs them in nearly every statistical category available to measure the success of a wide receiver.

Here are some numbers for you.

Career Receiving Yards: 22, 895. The next closest is media darling Terrell Owens: 15, 934.

“To illustrate the significance of his 22,895 receiving yards, if Rice had not gained any other yards on rush attempts or kick returns, his 22,895 receiving yards would still rank him second place on the NFL’s list all-purpose yard leaders.”

Career Receptions: 1,549. Nearly 500 ahead of Tony Gonzalez.

Career Touchdowns: 208 (197 Receiving).  Randy Moss has the second most as a receiver with 155.  Emmitt Smith, a running back was second to him with 175 all purpose touchdowns.

Career Points: 1,256. This ranks him as the most prolific scorer as a non-kicker in NFL history.

On top of his personal accolades, he was also a three time Super Bowl winner.

Many times numbers can be misleading, but in this case they are not. In a career that spanned two decades, Jerry Rice established himself as the best receiver to ever play the game.

The gold standard for NFL receivers is Jerry Rice.


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